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From the Bishop

Roskam (1)In my “State of the Church” sermon on the day of our Annual Meeting this past January, I promised that we would inform the parish of the results of the Mutual Ministry meeting with Bishop Bruno on March 19 in a timely fashion. Since March 20 was Palm Sunday, it seemed appropriate to keep the focus on our shared spiritual journey through Holy Week and Easter before turning back to matters of our common life as a parish.
This being the first opportunity to do so, it is my pleasure to relate that our meeting as Bishop-in-Charge and Vestry with Bishop Bruno went exceedingly well. We were able to point to significant accomplishments in the areas of 1) teamwork, 2) relationship with parish and community, 3) mission and vision, 4) stewardship of our common life (non-financial), including formation and pastoral care, 5) stewardship and transparency with regard to money and finances, and 6) liturgy, music and preaching.
We were also able to identify specific goals for improvement in all those same areas that would put us in a better position to begin a Rector search. We were in agreement in terms of both accomplishments and goals for the most part, and where there was some disagreement, there was also a clear sense of the majority. In other words, while your vestry does not walk in lockstep, there is a shared sense of the direction in which we should move.
This agreement is especially true of our timeline together. The Bishop, the Vestry and I are in agreement that 2016 be devoted to working toward our established goals in the areas delineated above and that the parish enter into a search process for a new rector in early 2017, with the goal that that person be in place by December
of that year. It was mutually decided and approved by Bishop Bruno that I remain in place as Bishop-in-Charge until your new Rector is called, enabling the parish to have continuity of clergy leadership during this time of transition.
All the parish is invited to be part of both the 2016 and 2017 aspects of transition. We have lots of work to do in accomplishing our goals. More information will follow about in the coming weeks about how you can be involved.
May we follow our Risen Lord into the future with gratitude, hope, and accomplishment!