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We All Have Stories

Justin (1)In the Summer of 2012, I made the decision to leave everything I knew- my career, my home and life in Charleston, SC to drive all the way across the country. The adventure was full of freedom, solitude, and at times fear. But, mostly it was full of wonder and curiosity. I saw much of our country and experienced things I hadn’t seen before.

For a short time, I took a job as a supply organist in Monterey Bay, set along the Northern California coastline. It was breathtaking. Week after week I would prepare the selections of music for that Sunday’s service, with lots of free time to explore the world around me. After the excitement of the new terrain quieted, however, I realized I needed something more fulfilling – something to challenge me and help me grow. So I did what everything else does that is loose and not anchored down to something – I ended up in Los Angeles.

Fast forward to October of that year, when all of my soul-searching (and Google searching) led me to a community listing for an evening of organ music at an Episcopal church, and it was free! It was actually just down the road from where I lived; about a ten minute drive, so I decided, “Why not?”

I still remember the moment I entered that church. Something was different. Everything was different. From the detailed tiles on the floor as I walked in, to the high ceilings lit by stained glass, to the usher who greeted me with a program as I entered, and finally to the first heart-pounding sound that came from the pipes surrounding me, I knew I had found a home. The rest of the story is pretty obvious, but I’d love to tell it to you in person. Come find me!

What’s your story? We’d love to hear it. The fact is we love stories! We all have them, and we all love to hear them. It is the way we relate to one another. It is the way we share information and tell good stories about good things.

Communication starts with stories about each other, and about what happens in the life of our Church. That is why we are needing your contribution in continuing the conversation with our new website, and more importantly, social media! It is now considered the modern day method of communication and where many people find hope, community, friendship and inspiration – all things that the life of St. James has to offer. All of the ways we can join the conversation are below and I hope to see you online and in our continued life at St. James, telling stories about #goodthings.

-Justin Baker

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