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Liturgy and Our Common Life

Roskam (1)Here at St. James we don’t work quite as far ahead as the fashion industry, but even now, as spring is blossoming, your staff and leadership are making plans for summer and fall. Most of the time we just let the year unfurl at its own pace. But this year we thought you might like to know what’s coming up with a little more notice.


During the summer while the choir is away, our liturgies tend to be less formal. We are going to continue in that manner, utilizing the authorized Eucharistic texts of the Enriching Our Worship series. The principal difference to listen for is expanded and quite lovely imagery, often taken from scripture, the intention of which is to lead us more deeply into the mystery of God.

Why do I say “authorized”? Because in a church defined by our common prayer, we don’t just make up things we’d like to say , unless the rubrics (the tiny italicized directions in the Book of Common Prayer) allow for it, such as for the Prayers of the People. We pray “in common” not just with the Episcopal Church, but with Anglicans around the globe. This is one of the great gifts of our tradition.

Want to know more about the whys and wherefores of liturgy? St. James’ Sunday, July 24, we are planning an “Instructed Eucharist” at 10:30, a particular form of celebration that allows us to teach (simply and as unobtrusively as possible) as we go to solve the mystery of “why we do what we do but we didn’t want to ask.” Then afterwards we move to St. James School for our annual St. James’ Picnic. Which leads us to other matters of:

Our Common Life 

Keep those Second Sundays! They will continue to be gatherings for all the St. James’ family. In addition, while we will not have our traditional Evensongs while the choir is on hiatus, July, August and September we will keep the 4:30 hour for Evening prayer, potluck and Sunday at the Movies, specializing in films from around the globe, all of this in the cool, air conditioned environment of the parish hall. The goal of this series is to have fun together and to enjoy each other’s company! Watch this column for more things in the works!



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