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Service to Others – Pack Ten

Troop 10 cleanup #1One of the three aims of Scouting is to instill Citizenship in our youth. Cub Scouts learn that being a good citizen is more than just following the law, it includes serving the greater community. This year Pack 10 wanted to serve St. James’ Church in a meaningful and new way.

The Cubs had a vision for the abandoned Day Care Center yard at the end of our parking lot. The project started with the idea to clean up the trash and grew into a complete revision of the space. Over a dozen families worked through the weekend. As the work progressed some of our Cub parents spontaneously gave cash donations to pay for more renovations. In clearing the debris, the Cubs filled a 22-foot dumpster. An unused planter was demolished to clear room at our back door. Trees were pruned, awnings cleared and sun-bleached toys were thrown away.

Old sandboxes were removed and mountains of dead vines were cleared. The old sprinkler system is being replaced to bring back green life to the space. We hope to install a new seating area, repair and paint the gates and resurface the blacktop.

Troop 10 Cleanup #2The Spring Yard belongs to the entire St. James’ family. The Cub Scouts hope we can all find new ways for many groups to creatively utilize this outdoor space. It would be sad to see this space become trash storage again. The Scouts have already held several outdoor events in the Spring Yard. They plan to return next spring to creatively add to this space. What would you like to see there?

Bishop Roskam will be blessing the Spring Yard after the Baccalaureate church service on Sunday, June 12th. Please join us for this happy time.

Diane Gilmore

Pack Ten Den Leader