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Living Generously…continued

Roskam (1)Several weeks ago I began preaching about generosity in several different contexts, not knowing the happy synchronicity of the fact that “Living Generously” is the theme for the diocesan program on stewardship this year. Perhaps synchronicity is more than coincidence right now as people of faith respond to our current cultural climate of scarcity, anxiety and xenophobia.

But as I thought more about it in light of last week’s sermon on filters, I realize that the concept of living generously is indeed a filter that God may be inviting us to use in the months ahead. What would it look like if we considered our own lives and our lives together through the filter of generosity? 

This coming week is our ministry fair. Are we called to be more generous with our time for the good of our common life and the life of the wider community?

The common wisdom is that people don’t have disposable time anymore, but a recent article in the New York Times, “The Lies Busy People Tell Themselves,” (May 15, 2016) suggests otherwise.

The writer, Laura Vanderkam, tracked her time in half hour segments for a year. She found what many people can find after just a week or two of time tracking, that time tracking leads to a sense of abundance. We tend to focus on the busy parts of our lives, while not being intentional about the interstices that hold out the possibility of rest, recreation, creativity, prayer and work for the common good, most of which we often feel we have no time for.

Try tracking your time this week and then come to the ministry fair. Is God calling you to a new or renewed commitment to ministry on behalf of the community of faith or the good of the wider community? 

Let’s consider that question through the filter of living generously and see where the Spirit takes us!