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Living Generously continues…

Roskam (1)Thank you all for your generosity in supporting the homeless through filling eight Welcome Home baskets! The baskets will shortly be moved to a collection station and next month from there to a warehouse where people will distribute goods among the baskets so that every recipient will get a range of household goods. From the warehouse they will go straight to people who were formerly homeless being settled into new and permanent housing. The importance of the baskets is not simply for the physical goods, much needed as they are, but also as signs that people care ‒ that YOU care! Many thanks!

Thank you also to the team of eight people representing St. James’ in the Homeboy Walk this year: Sarajane Thies (Coordinator), John Thies, Elizabeth Hord, Donna Mills and her friend Julie, Kathalina and Henry Hwang, and Emily Finch. The team raised $1500 ‒ $500 more than last year ‒ in support of Homeboy Industries that helps provide a better future for former gang members and other at risk youth (both male and female!) Thank you to the team and to all who supported them!

And finally thank you to the Stewardship Committee and all their hard work on the current campaign under the leadership of Co-Chairs Ola Thomas and Mumbie Fredson-Cole, to all those who have shared so movingly in Minute for Mission, and for those who have volunteered to be Guides.

This is the first year that each household will be contacted by a Guide, whether you are a long time pledger or a new pledger. The Guide is specifically charged with NOT talking about money! The Guide is there to be at your service, to answer or seek out the answer to any question you may have about our common life and/or the pledging process.

Guides and parishioners are randomly assigned. You may hear from someone you don’t know, even though they may be long time parishioners. This is one more opportunity to get to know each other better! Many blessings!

With gratitude,