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Lenten Meditations

“…and not to hide yourself from your own kin” Isaiah 58:12

Once again Lent, the traditional season of special almsgiving (I say special because Christians are called to give alms in all seasons) presents us with opportunities to give to the needy both home and abroad.

We continue this year with our tradition of Lenten Soup Cups, which are available at the back of the church. Fill them full of your loose change in the coming weeks and we will have an ingathering on Sunday, April 2. All proceeds go to support our feeding ministries, both the soup kitchen and food pantry.

But because our connection with the suffering of the world is not bounded by geography, as in years past we are also focusing on the work of Episcopal Relief and Development, aided by their 2017 booklet of Lenten Meditations, also available at the back of the church. At the back of the booklet is an envelope should you wish to donate to this most worthy outreach of the Episcopal Church. As you read the meditations, you may want to make a gift designated to a particular region of the world or just contribute to the general fund, knowing that however you choose to give, your donation will be used wisely and well.

May God grant us a holy Lent marked by compassion and generosity.