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Welcome and Belonging

Welcome and Belonging…

All are welcome at St. James!

We say it and we mean it! All are welcome at the altar for communion or a blessing. All are welcome to enter the process that leads to the font on our great baptismal days. All are welcome at all our services—Eucharist, Evensong, Compline, Chapel. All are welcome at our Soup Kitchen and our Food Pantry. All children are welcome in the church, the Sunday School and nursery care.

So if all this is free and open to all, why become a pledging member? 

PBS offers a lot of incentives for membership. The higher you pledge the more perks and gifts you receive. They give special emphasis to becoming “sustaining members,” who pledge their membership over time. 

So what do we offer to those who become our contributors or “sustaining members” through pledging—who give not only monetary resources but also precious time and effort and talent?

We offer the pleasure and privilege of being an active servant of Christ. We offer an opportunity to use our resources—money, time, and talent—in constructive, healing and transformative ways. We offer the pleasure and privilege of ensuring that future generations will worship and minister in and through St. James in witness to Christ’s love. We offer community—diverse but united as the body of Christ. Together by God’s grace, the love of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, we offer the chance to change the world.

This Sunday, at the back of the church you will find a narrative budget that gives a clearer idea of how we spend our resources of time talent and treasure in God’s service. I urge you to take one home and read through it.

It’s exciting to see just how much we can accomplish together! 

In a world such as ours, the possibilities are endless, the opportunities limited only by the extent of our generosity. 

Come join us!