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Rector Search Update

Dear Friends in Faith,
We are writing, again, to bring you up to date on the progress of our search for a new Rector. As you will likely recall, we have held a series of all-parish meetings, guided by Canon Eric Law, to learn about our past and to consider how that affects our present and future. One product of those interesting and often inspiring conversations is a Parish History. The other product we can report is a demographic profile, required by the diocese so that candidates from outside Los Angeles might learn about our neighborhood and congregation characteristics; we’ve also written a narrative explaining why we think neither of the two profiles completely captures who we are. Both the history and the demographic profile were posted this week on our web site, https://stjla.org/. (At the top of the page is a tab marked “Rector Search;” click on that to see the various entries; we hope you will read them—and tell us things we missed!).
The last stages of the profile process will occur soon. On May 14 we will have our last session with Canon Law, this time in the services themselves where he will invite us to identify the characteristics we think most important in a new rector. Your responses will allow us to identify our dreams and hopes for a new rector. Together with a brief description of our many ministries (we have identified no fewer than 31!), and financial data, this information will complete the parish portfolio (also called profile)—and invite applications from interested clergy.
Your vestry is in the process of identifying the scope and methodology of the search: we’ll inform you as soon as we know. Meanwhile, please give us your questions and keep us in your prayers.
Faithfully yours,
     Emily Abbott, Junior Warden
     Steve Yeazell, Senior Warden