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Seekers Sought

Education for Ministry, a national program of Christian formation with a group here at St James, seeks a few new members to start this fall on its program of education and discernment. This program constitutes course of study and reflection with two aims. First, it seeks to acquaint participants, all laity, with the Hebrew and Christian scriptures in their historical and religious contexts (the Old and New Testaments), the history of the church, and an understanding of basic theology.

Just as important, the program seeks to have its members come to a deeper practice of their faith, and to discern how that faith might shape their lives. The program requires four years to complete and asks its participants to commit both to weekly 2-3 hour meetings during the academic year and to do the required readings and reflections each week. The program is open to all—both parishioners and others.
Those who have completed Education for Ministry report that it has deepened both their understanding and their faith. For further information about the program please contact either Mary Manning or John Bassett, the program mentors and members of St. James’ or Lauren Azeltine, our parish administrator: lazeltine@stjla.org.
Faithfully yours,
     Steve Yeazell, Senior Warden