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How are we instruments of transformation? How do we preach hope in our everyday lives apart from Sunday? The season of Pentecost is the celebration of not only the birth of the Church, but also the grow the of faith and of love throughout the world as the disciples went forth beyond Jerusalem to preach the Good News. Outreach and ministries of peace and justice are all part of this Good News. As a parish we may not solve all the world’s problems, and certainly the church cannot do it all—but we are called to seek ways to bring compassion, love, forgiveness and mercy into our communities. We learn so much about many of you on Sundays during coffee hour about what you do during the week, whether it is through your jobs, or with volunteer work—it is inspiring.

From time to time, in this “Into the World” corner of the update, we would like to highlight, what it means to you to be an instrument of transformation in the world. Tell us your story. Where does your engagement for outreach and social justice lie? We just might find that our passions collide—giving us, as a parish, a foothold on what we can do together as a community. So I’m going first! Some of you know that I am on the Board of Directors of Holy Family Services—An Institution of the Diocese of Los Angeles which offers affordability and pastoral care in adoption and fost-adopt placements in the Southern California area. I volunteer to this organization because I care about the well-being of children and the feeling that no child should be without a family. Foster care in the city of Los Angeles is in a state of crisis and later this year Holy Family Services will be starting a campaign to engage individual parishes with education on how to become a foster parent. More to follow!

–The Rev. Jenifer Chatfield