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What Next?

What next?
The arc of God’s love expressed in the earthly life of Jesus of Nazareth begins in a stable in the person of a tiny baby and extends through the paschal mystery of Christ’s dying and rising, culminating in Christ’s ascension to the right hand of God. That is the sacred story of the earthly Jesus, Son of God, Son of Man—the Word of God from before time and forever.
Our liturgies reflect that sacred story throughout the first half of the year. But what now?
The pivot point of the liturgical year is Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit descends upon the disciples and drives them into the world to “preach the gospel to all nations.” That’s not just the first disciples. That’s us. And that is the heart of our call as “laos”, the people of God, not simply what we do inside and for the church. Our ultimate call by virtue of our baptism is to witness to the love of God in the world in which we live.
Last week Mtr. Jenifer asked us these valuable questions: How are we instruments of transformation?
How do we preach hope in our everyday lives apart from Sunday? In short what opportunities has God given us to witness in action as well as word to the love of God for all people? What skills, talents, gifts has God given us to use in God’s service in response to these opportunities?
We will still hear about Jesus in the gospel readings on Sunday, of course, but from now till Advent especially, let’s listen to sacred story with those questions in mind, so that with God’s grace we may witness effectively in whatever context we find ourselves, “not only with our lips but with our lives.”
P.S., For examples, check out #Into the World in the article below.