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Working Together

From the Bishop
Eric Law, Founder and Executive Director of the Kaleidoscope Institute and friend and from time to time consultant to St. James’ comments in The Sustainist about the almost $60 million spent on the special election in Georgia’s 6th district this past week, said to be the most expensive election of its kind to date. He began imagining what else might be done for the health of the district for that same money, if only citizens were working together instead of being so polarized. Here is Eric’s list:
• Pay a year of mortgage payments for 10,000 households in exchange for coming to neighborhood financial wellness programs.
• Pay a year of health insurance for 10,000 people in exchange for coming to neighborhood wellness programs.
• Train and dispatch 6,000 dialogue facilitators (KI can do the training) to set up civic and civil dialogue groups in 3,000 neighborhoods bringing together democrats, republicans, independents, and to-be voters to achieve mutual understanding.
• Set up 6,000 Citizen Education programs ($10,000 per site) in high school and college in the district to get the newest voters to vote.
• Create 1,000 jobs with good benefits. This should put a little dent in the unemployment rate which is at about 5.3%
• Create a venture capture fund to start 200 new small businesses ($300,000 per business)
He continues “…we need to invest our time, our money and talent in creating civil dialogue, citizen education, and financial and social wellness. … What are you going to do to focus on what really matters in your neighborhood community?”
The answers to that question find place in our Pentecost imperative to go “Into the World.” We follow Jesus into the world for which he gave himself. Nothing we do in the world is outside our spiritual journey or the realm of God. It’s all part and parcel!
P.S. To read the full article, please click here.