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Reward Anyanwu – Connecting With Nigeria

Listen to Reward’s story:

My name is Reward Anyanwu, and I’m a devoted long-time parishioner for over 45 years at St. James’.

This week has been wonderful. Yesterday we had the consecration of the Coadjutor. It was a great consecration. This is my second consecration for bishops in the diocese of Los Angeles. I was very very happy to be there yesterday, just as I was for the Bishop of LA, Jon Bruno – who is to be retiring soon.

Today we welcome Bishop Shin, Suffragan Bishop of New York, so it was a very continuous program from yesterday.

Tomorrow, I’ll be heading out to Palm Springs with family for a long week of debriefing vacation, before we travel to Nigeria – to come back in October. There’s going to be a long separation from my parish, especially at this time – we are going through the search committee for a new Rector, and I’m a member of the Vestry, so it’s a very big challenge for me. But I’ll be in continuous prayer for my parish, St. James’ in the City, and also for my Vestry, of whom I’m a member, for God to guide them until I come back to be with them. And I’m praying for the whole parish – I’m in prayer for too. And I’m praying that the Lord will guide us through, and for journey mercies. And grant Justin* the wisdom, and joy to be with the parish. We love his job. And we want the Lord to be with him, to give him the courage and the patience to work with our parishioners. And we really wish and pray for peace in the United States and in the whole world, and for everybody to be at peace, and until we come back – me and my old man, Robert, we’re going to miss our parish.

But, let me say – I’m going to really be on the ministry in Nigeria. And that is telling them what we’ve been doing since we left them in the last two years, 2015. I’m going to talk to them about the search, the consecration of the new Bishop, and also about the deaconate process – the way we do it in America, so that they know that I am active in my church here at St. James’ in the City.

No matter where we are, we are spiritually connected. And so they have to know that not because we left Nigeria for all these years, we still continue in our faith, in the African community. So we pray for peace, for journey mercies, and for everything the Lord brings to us, and our family and friends our whole community. Amen.

*Justin is the interviewer for this story.