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A Sure Foundation

“Christ is made the sure foundation…”  These words from the popular hymn came into my mind this week as I watched the terrible events in Charlottesville unfold.  How do we teach our children to love instead of hate?  I believe we have an obligation here at St. James’ to provide the necessary resources so that our children can grow up with a Sure Foundation—one that is cemented in the Gospel messages of hope, love, forgiveness and hospitality.  We have been able to sustain a Sunday school program now for the last 3 years—exploring different ways to engage our kids.  HeArts for God was created as a way to form children through art and music—while this has been fun, invigorating and engaging, we are now at a point where we need to be more intentional about the Christian formation of our children and youth.  Turning Sunday School into an actual “Program for Children and Youth” is one of our goals in order to create a Sure Foundation for our children—one that will also secure the future of St. James’.  We are a parish/ school that prides itself on education, diversity, inclusion and artistic excellence—How can we bring these Gospel values, to our Sunday School?  Maybe you have experience or ideas that you’d like to share.  We’ve done some great things over the past few years, but we can do better. Ideally we would like to hire a lay youth and family minister to help build a program and organize volunteers—until we have the funds to find the right person for this position, we would like to organize a team of volunteers–a committee/study group who will commit themselves to at least one year in order to help us build a sustainable program.  Please talk to me during coffee hour so that we can get a conversation started.  I can’t think of anything more important in this present age than providing a solid Gospel foundation for our children.  I believe our future depends on it.