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Rector Search Update

We’re pleased to give you a progress report on our rector search.
As a result of consultation and surveys conducted at a series of town hall
meetings and surveys distributed at Sunday services we have developed
what in a secular context would be called a job description: together with
other information about the search, it’s posted on the parish web site under
the rector search tab. In creating these criteria we were guided by all of your
hopes and wishes—which, we are happy to report—coalesced strongly
around a set of requirements.
As we’ve previously indicated, your vestry has decided to proceed by
appointing a separate search committee, with a single vestry liaison. We’re
very happy to report that Ingrid Finley-Scott, a vestry member and long time
parishioner—and a recently retired member of the Human Resources group
at UCLA extension—has agreed to serve in this liaison position.
Your vestry has also met and nominated a slate of candidates for the search
committee and we are in the process of contacting them in the hope they will
agree to serve. As soon as they have done so, we will formally announce
their appointment and commission them at a Sunday service.
The diocese reports that it has a number of applications already on file and
your vestry is in the process of soliciting applications from those whom
others believe would be strong candidates. As soon as the application
deadline closes—likely towards the middle or end of September, the search
committee will begin to conduct interviews, guided by the criteria that you
established in our town meetings and surveys.
Besides the importance of maintaining confidentiality, the search committee
will be charged with discerning which of the candidates has the spiritual,
intellectual, administrative, and personal talents that best match the criteria
you have established. This is not a popularity contest, but process of
discernment. The committee will report a slate of finalists—likely two or
three—to your vestry, which is charged with deciding which to call to be our
next rector.
You will understand that, once the interviewing gets underway, the only
further progress reports will have to be quite general—likely just reporting
that interviews are underway and we will report details as soon as is
appropriate. Meanwhile, we very much ask you to keep the committee and
the vestry in your prayers.