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Nourishing a Community of Hope

 When I was growing up, at a certain point children were expected to take on the responsibility of doing what most people then called “chores” appropriate to their age. My mother hated that word. She said doing something in support of family life should not be called a “chore”. Rather it should be an act of love and gratitude and belonging.
The same could be said about what we do in support of our parish family life. Today is the ministry fair. Each year we give people an opportunity to get more deeply involved in the life of the parish through ministries of hospitality, formation, music and liturgy and more. Some people might call that volunteering, but beyond that it is ministry in the name of our Lord, in love and gratitude and belonging, to nourish a community of hope and action in the world.
One reason we do this every year is that no involvement should be a life sentence! Once you make a commitment, it’s renewable every year. Or you may wish to serve in a new way. You may even want to take a year off. All of that is good, as long as decisions are prayerfully made in response to where God may be leading us.
May all our decisions be made from the standpoint of love, gratitude and belonging, and may God continue to bless our parish family!
                                         Faithfully, +Catherine