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Nourishing a Community of Hope Through Prayer, Action and Giving!

Prayer undergirds everything we do. St. Paul has told us that the Holy Spirit prays in us without ceasing with “sighs too deep for words.” How much more fruitful it is for that Spirit when we open our hearts wide to the love of God in prayer and contemplation.
Through prayer we are called to action. Our website includes links to what others are doing on behalf of justice and peace, as well as what St. James itself does. Does something tug at you? Is there something in particular you would like to address to help the needy, work for justice and be instruments of God’s peace? What actions are we being called to take together in support of God’s mission to reconcile the world to God’s Divine Self? What actions can we take to help us sustain our own community of hope?
Among the many important actions we can take is to give. Usually our charitable gifts are maximized by joining with others in support of an effective organization, such as Episcopal Relief and Development.
But what helps to nourish us in all of this endeavor?
If you are someone who considers St. James your spiritual home, the place where your soul is nourished and healed, I invite you to give to this vibrant, diverse, compassionate community by making or renewing and perhaps even increasing your pledge or contribution of record, so that we can continue our ministries as a community of hope, prayer and spiritual nourishment in the midst of a broken world, not as charity, but as “family contribution”—because you are a part of our spiritual family—of God’s family as the Body of Christ.
Amidst the joyful celebration of African Fellowship Sunday on October 8 the financial part of our pledge drive begins. The ingathering is November 12, but please feel free to send in your pledge form at any time, even before the 12th. You may also put it in the offering plate any Sunday between now and then.
In Christ’s name may we pray, act and give generously of our time, talent and treasure as we work together to nourish this community of hope in the service of God’s reign!