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Charity and Stewardship

Charity and stewardship are not the same. We undertake our charitable giving on our own initiative and according to our own choice. Stewardship is an obligation—a responsibility entrusted to us by virtue of our baptism for the care of the household of God. As in any family, it is understood that we contribute to the running of the household in accordance with our means.
Proportional giving—the intentional giving of a percentage of our income—grounds our giving in this understanding. The Biblical standard is 10%, also called a tithe. (Except for Jesus, who gave 100% and sometimes—although not always—required the same of his disciples.) But one may begin proportional giving at any percentage point, as long as it is a commitment faithfully met.
Financial pledging is not a tax, nor a burden. It is not written in stone. People lose employment or gain financial windfalls. Financial commitment to the church needs to be responsive to both. Financial stewardship is a spiritual discipline and part of our rule of life, both individually and as a community.
At the heart of our stewardship, financial as well as time and talent, and our commitment to the care of creation, is gratitude—profound gratitude for all with which God has blessed us, even to the breath of life itself. The virtue gratitude forms in us is generosity.
How generous of God to take our humanity upon the divine self in the person of Jesus and to give all for our sake! May gratitude, generosity and a desire to nourish this Community of Hope guide our giving in this stewardship pledge drive, and indeed in all our endeavors, as God’s abundance and providence continue to sustain us all.