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Introducing the Chair of Your Rector Search Committee

I’m Ingrid-Finley Scott, and have agreed to serve as the chair and vestry liaison of our rector search committee. I’ve been a member of the St. James congregation for seventeen years, my late husband and I having been introduced to it by my parents, who told me I would love the place and its people. They were right!
As a member of this wonderful community of faith, I’ve served at the altar, as a lay reader, as a member of the Vestry and the School Board. Beyond St. James I’ve spent most of my professional career at UCLA, where I worked on the Human Resources team at UCLA Extension; Steve Yeazell, our Senior Warden, tells me that this professional experience was one of the reasons he asked me to serve as the vestry liaison on the search committee: though I’ve never “searched” for a rector before, I’ve had a considerable amount of experience in other searches.
As we move forward with our own search, I’ll try to give you regular updates on our progress. As you know, this is the point at which good—that is, effective—searches need to proceed in confidence, but there’s a fair amount of procedural information that we can share: how many candidates we are considering; what the various stages of our search entail; where we are in terms of those stages and the like.
In exchange for this information, which I’ll share with the whole congregation on a regular basis, I ask a favor: please understand that I cannot share information about individual candidates. I’m looking forward in prayer and joy to helping this wonderful community of faith choose its next clerical leader.
Ingrid Finley-Scott