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Giving Tree: Ms. Robin and Ragamuffin Care

Hi, I am Ms. Robin. I own a Ragamuffin Care 24-hour Sitter Service, which caters to those who need services for their children but have a fixed income.
I have been coming to St. James’ Soup Kitchen for three years now. I love the atmosphere, the stories from the elders, and homeless ones. I listen to see if there are ways I can help others to continue my Blessing from the Lord.
I have recently started bringing my students for the past two years, and they have grown so much, especially one of my little Ragamuffins pictured here with me. She is learning how to help others, shows empathy, compassion, and helps around the church.  As she goes around the church with Ms. SaraJane she rings the bell, gathering ones for Chapel after a nice hot meal. This is a time to feed our spirit after we’ve fed our body. They go great together.
My special student grows in the word of scripture and group discussion after the reading, followed by prayer. These things that my students have learned in Chapel, they do their best to apply in their everyday schedule.
I am so thankful to have the Soup Kitchen on Fridays at St. James’.
-Ms. Robin
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