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Giving Tree: James and Crystal

We have been coming to St. James’ Soup Kitchen since 2008. At the time, we were homeless living in Downtown Los Angeles. But now, through prayer, we have made a home in Lancaster. We keep coming back for the wholesome food and to stay connected to the growing community of friends. We enjoy catching up on each other’s lives and welcoming newcomers. St. James’ to us is a support family for good faith. We especially like to encourage newcomers to stay for Chapel Service from 5:45 – 6:15.

SaraJane has previously spoke of James as one of our faith motivators; he gave us our chapel closing word’s before we go out into the world “Praises Go Up and Blessings Come Down”. During this time of advent James shared, ” We know St James’ is walking in faith as we prepare for the Giving Tree gifting of gift cards”. So weekly from now through Dec 17th, we now exclaim “Praise Go Up and Gift Cards Come Down”.

Sara Jane notes that this is a selfless prayer as neither James nor Crystal’s names are on our list of gift requestor’s for our Dec 22nd Gift Giving Soup Kitchen event this year.

Visit the Giving Tree page to donate gift cards toward our Los Angeles community this holiday season before December 17.