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A Moveable Feast

Holy Name, Epiphany, First Sunday after Christmas, 
Baptism of our Lord, Holy Innocents …
If you were to look at a liturgical calendar you would see all of the above happening within a ten-day period. Dilemma! What do do on December 31st? Epiphany, is one of the great feasts of the Church year and it always happens on January 6th which is on a Saturday this year. It is common for parishes to celebrate all feast days on their actual days on the calendar regardless of whether they fall on a Sunday or not, while others like St. James’, move certain “moveable feasts” to the Sunday closest when most of the congregation can celebrate the day. We had to choose between all of the above feasts in deciding on what to focus on for the 31st and which one to emphasize on January 7th. And here is what we came up with:
We chose the collects for the “First Sunday after Christmas” and the “Epiphany” readings for this Sunday. Next Sunday we are blessed to have several baptisms so it seemed fitting to celebrate the Baptism of our Lord on the 7th. All of these feasts add to the holy story in such a profound way we hate to leave out anything. So as the feasts presented to us are really a Smorgasbord, taste and see the miracle of the incarnation today and the recognition of Jesus as God with us by the Magi as we shine the light on the season of light—a fitting way to start the countdown to 2018.