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Practicing a Holy Lent

Below please find some resources for practicing a Holy Lent:
Society of St. John the Evangelist (ssje.org) During the seasons of Advent and Lent, the Brothers of the Society send out daily videos to inform and support seasonal spiritual practice. It’s not too late to sign up for this Lent 2018, if you haven’t already. Visit their website at ssje.org and sign up for daily emails for their current offering “Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John.”
Forward Day by Day booklets are available at the back of the church with a month’s worth of seasonal prayers and meditations on Scripture.
For those who want to bring their prayer closer to the suffering of the world, we recommend the meditation booklet from Episcopal Relief and Development, which gives us much to think about in terms of the inequities of this world. Any alms contributed to this organization are well used for disaster relief and development efforts around the globe. ERD has a four star rating with Charity Navigator, so you know contributions are going where you intended. Booklets are available at the back of the church.
St. James’ Soup cups are yet another way to connect our abstinence to a suffering world, particularly the poor and the hungry of our local community. (Pick one up on your way out today.)
Joining our own Intercessory Prayer group might be another way to turn outward in the service of others and at the same time help us grow in prayerfulness. Call the office for more information: 213-388-3417.
For a more activist stand against the powers of this world, we recommend the Episcopal Public Policy Network. Visit their website at http://advocacy.episcopalchurch.org/ and you will find priority areas, mostly in the current news, like the environment, immigration and refugee resettlement. The short list of priorities is followed by a longer list of possible issues in which to be involved. You will not find everything you might be looking for though, simply because anything listed on the site must be approved by General Convention. That way you know your involvement is part of the larger movement of the church for justice in this world.
You might pick one or more of the above or combine your choice with other Lenten disciplines.
Wherever the Spirit leads you in this time of repentance and forgiveness, God’s abundant Lenten blessings be upon you and yours!