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From Bishop Catherine

Dear Ones,
For those of you who may not have been present on Annual Meeting Sunday, I want to let you know that my time here at St. James is soon drawing to a close.
The search for a new rector is going swimmingly. As Ingrid Finley-Scott reports in another part of this Update, the Search Committee has prayerfully arrived at the final four candidates who will be presented to the Vestry on the completion of background checks (required in all searches throughout the Episcopal Church).
I am deeply grateful to Ingrid and the members of the Search Committee for their hard work. And I have full confidence in your Vestry prayerfully to elect the person called by God to be your next Rector.
The time is fast approaching when I should leave, giving us room to say good-bye in time for you to turn and put your full attention on welcoming the one who is to come.
Therefore, my last Sunday at St. James will be April 8th. It was originally announced that Easter would be my last service, but that would not allow for the celebration of our time together, a celebration to which your Wardens now invite you, also in another part of this Update.
For now, we don’t need to say goodbye just yet. Instead let’s turn our attentions back to keeping a holy Lent in preparation for celebrating Christ’s glorious Resurrection on Easter Day, trusting in God’s power to do for us more than we could ask or imagine!
Faithfully, +Catherine