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Celebration of Community

From the Interim Rector
Eastertide is a time where we celebrate life and creation because we are bathed in the promise of new life and new creation which has been given to us in the Resurrection. It is an exciting time to think about the ‘possible’—especially as St. James’ embarks on its own new beginning. As I reflect on last Sunday’s celebration for Bishop Catherine, all I can think of is how lovely it was to see this diverse and vibrant congregation laughing, eating, hugging and talking together—it was a celebration not only of the Bishop’s tenure here, but also a celebration of the spirit of this community and life together. As we have always strived to do over the years, we will continue over this interim period to celebrate the life of our community by inviting other preaching voices to the pulpit as well as highlighting the spirit of our common life.
Today at the 10:30 service we are pleased to welcome the California chapter of THE PRINCE OF WALES ALUMNI ASSOCIATION. This is a non-profit organization comprising alumni of the Prince of Wales School in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa. The association seeks to provide financial, technical, and intellectual support to the faculty, staff, and students of the Prince of Wales school with a view to enhancing the school’s curriculum and enriching the lives of the students so that they may become productive members of the Sierra Leonean community. Many of St. James’ parishioners are members of this association, and they have invited the chapter to be a part of our service today. Please take a moment to introduce yourself at coffee hour and welcome them into the spirit of the St. James’ community.
Faithfully yours,