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Sunday is Earth Day

An Earth Day Message from Mary
Sunday, April 22, has been widely adopted as Earth Day, a day set aside for honoring our home planet, rallying support for environmental protection and participating in trash cleanups or tree planting in our communities.
Like most holidays Earth Day has been largely taken over by commercial interests. In this case you will see ads for everything from organic cotton clothes to recycled plastic trash bags. My wish for myself and all of us is that we take some time on earth day 2018 to step outside, breathe some pretty clean air, and say thank you for the amazingly beautiful world God has given us.
~ Mary

Welcome Mary Nichols

Our Preacher this Sunday is Mary D. Nichols.
Mary has been a member of St. James’ for over 25 years, and has served as a vestry member and Senior Warden as well as lay reader and chalice bearer.
An environmental lawyer by training, Mary is the Chair of the California Air Resources Board, a position to which she was first appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown in 1975.
Mary has served on a variety of nonprofit and governmental boards and commissions, focusing primarily on issues of air quality, public health, energy and climate. As California’s success in tackling these issues has become known around the world, she has been a vocal advocate for action.