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Bearing Fruit

What does it mean to be connected to the “true vine”? What we are told in the Gospel reading today is basically that we are called to both profess our faith in Jesus, and to also engage in labors of love. We aren’t bearing fruit if we have one without the other. We are in the process of asking the question, “How can St. James’ connect more and engage in labors of love as a community? I want to highlight one way that we are responding to this question.   In response to the need of our immediate community, and working with soup kitchen and food pantry volunteers, we have organically put together a Justice and Outreach Committee that is focusing on ways to broaden our outreach ministries. To start, we have begun a reconnaissance mission to see what facilities and programs exist within a 2-mile radius that can address specific needs for our soup kitchen and food pantry guests. We have been surprised and delighted by just what is out there that was previously unknown to us! A database is being put together and we hope that this will help us to know not only how to help others who come to us, but that this will be a first step that will inspire us to discern how we can expand our ministry to the community. Your thoughts about outreach and your prayers are welcome always!

With gratitude, Jenifer+