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Calendar Update

Calendar Update
Two upcoming dates to remember: July 22St. James Sunday: Our Patronal Feast Day, and August 5, Mthr. Kate Cress celebrates her first St. James’ Eucharists at 8 and 10:30.
Because these two dates come close together, your Vestry, approving a suggestion of clergy and staff, has decided that we should on July 22 celebrate St. James’ Day with our usual liturgy—and an “enhanced” coffee hour, but forgo the usual parish picnic that day.
Then, two weeks later, on August 5, we will welcome Mthr Kate Cress, not only with liturgy and song and joy, but with a potluck lunch that displays all the best St. James family cookery from as many kitchens as we can manage.
In early July, we’ll have an update that organizes all this cookery—who should bring what. Meanwhile, let us look forward to both celebrations—of our patron saint, and of our new rector.
Your Wardens,
Steve Yeazell
Emily Abbott