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All Ideas Great and Small

From the Rector

Dear Friends,

Well, I’ve found a supermarket, a dog walker, and generally settled into my new home. And, here at St. James’, I’m beginning to grasp the many components of this extraordinary and holy operation of ours: worship services, music, school, vestry, food pantry, soup kitchen, EFM, St. James Manor…the list goes on and on. Meeting you as individuals, groups and ministries is thrilling.

And now I have a request, beyond my ongoing wish for you to wear name tags so I can learn 300 names. My additional request? Share with me an idea, a thought, a wished-for project, plan or suggestion. Big or small. One-time or ongoing. And this Sunday inside your bulletin you’ll find an index card. Just jot down your idea and place it in the collection plate or hand it to me on your way out. I’d like to hear specific, enticing ideas. So, not, “Get more members…” so much as your unique idea for how. Not so much, “More classes” as, “Offer classes in…” I am so eager to know what is on your mind.

St. James’ is brimming with amazing, creative, energetic parishioners. Let me hear from you! Emails and letters also welcome. Thank you!

Peace and blessings,