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Parish Life

Hello everyone, and welcome back to school and the fall routines. I want to welcome you, especially, to our 2018-19 Church Schedule. As we continue to evolve— embracing our diversity and living into our many gifts—we have made a few slight changes.


A way that we have been focusing on our children the last few years is to experiment with a once-a-month 9:30 Family Service featuring the St. James School Choir. This year, the St. James School Choir is able to once again join us at our 10:30 service on the second Sunday of every month (while our St. James Choir prepares that day for Evensong). So, given this change, we have decided the 9:30 Family Service is no longer needed.


Here is another schedule adjustment. Many members of our Korean-speaking congregation have expressed interest in a Korean-language service to be available every Sunday at the same time. So, beginning this month, we are pleased to meet this need by offering a Korean-language service every Sunday at 12:15 (except on major feast days and other special occasions when we will worship together). All other services remain the same.


These are organic changes based on careful listening and much discussion. I am looking forward to all these worship experiences and welcome your thoughts and prayers along the way.


Peace and blessings,