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Annual African Partnership Sunday

Having spent some of my absolute happiest years in different parts of Africa, I rejoice that St. James’ has many African parishioners. For me, this makes St. James’ feel even more like a dream come true, and a coming home. Our Annual African Partnership Sunday is coming up October 14th and I cannot wait! The service will include special liturgical touches from different African countries and an African Choir. After service, be sure to join me for the famously delicious lunch, dazzling fashion show, and so much more. I believe God is calling us to enhance our beautiful diversity into an ever-deepening appreciation and profound connection across custom, culture and history. Sunday, October 14th presents every member of St. James’ — whether you are from Cleveland or Long Beach or Seoul — the chance to embrace the glory of African, Anglican Christianity. What a gift!! Save the date – and please join me!!!
Peace and blessings,