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50 Years of St. James School

This weekend marks the 50th Anniversary of St. James’ Episcopal School. On Saturday, October 20 from 11am – 2pm, the community will gather for a commemorative chapel service followed by a luncheon event on the school campus. The chapel service will feature a welcome from Head of School, Peter Reinke and the preaching of the Rev. Betsy Anderson. Former Head of School, the Rev. Charles Rowins, will be in attendance, along with Ginger D’Amico Conway and her husband John. Ginger’s father, the Rev. Sam D’Amico was our former Rector and first Head of School. Former head and parishioner Deborah David and her husband the Rev. Ron David will also attend. The reunion event will bring together a wide array of ages from current preschool students all the way to faculty and staff from the very early days. The school just learned that former faculty member from the 1970’s, Ludmila Gibbons, and her daughter Jennifer (Class of 1981) will be coming as well.

Congratulations and Happy 50th Anniversary, St. James’ School. We are so proud of your amazing legacy of educational excellence in Los Angeles.