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Thank You | The Rev. John Kim

“Thank You.”

Do you know the first word which a parent teaches their baby? A number of researchers have found that all over the world not only Americans teach their children the word “Thank you” continually.

Why do they teach the word “Thank you”?

Do you know the answer of the question “what’s the magic word” that school teachers ask to their boys and girls whenever they have a chance?

It is “Thank you.”

Why do they teach the word “Thank you”? It is
because they know the word leads their life to be
successful. I heard the famous anchorwoman Oprah Winfrey kept a diary for thanks, a gratitude diary. And because her mind is full with thanks, it helps her make life successful and respectable. Happiness comes from a thankful heart, not from material possessions.

“Are you thankful?”

If you say yes, you are blessed and under the grace of God. But if you say no, you are far from feeling closeness with God. I thank God for every- thing, especially my St. James’: the Holy Eucharist of the Great Thanksgiving Service, our beautiful building and structure and stained glass, Great Music, our diverse members, and that you are here.

Happy Thanksgiving.
The Rev. John Kim+ – Your Servant in Christ.