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Happy New Year!

What a Christmas! Highlights for me:

• Christmas gift bags decorated and filled by St. James School students for our soup kitchen guests.

• Warm blankets and socks collected by our generous congregation, also for soup kitchen guests. I loved seeing bags and bags of these lovely gifts ready for our guests when they arrived for dinner.

• The talented St. James School Children’s Choir joining forces with our equally talented Sunday School student actors to create a beautiful and memorable Christmas pageant. Thanks to Mother Jenifer, Nancy, Brynna and Lori for organizing our fabulous pageant.

• Music of other-worldly beauty at our Christmas Eve and Christmas morning services!! And every other weekend as well. We are powerfully blessed!!!

• Christmas music performed by the Korean language choir as well. So very beautiful!!!

• The love and commitment to St. James’ shown by my fellow clergy and all worship participants during our services in this busy season. 

I thank God every day for the gift of serving as your rector. Remember to save the morning of February 2–that’s the date for my installation. Installing me truly represents the coming together of all of us in the work of the kingdom here at St. James,’ so your presence matters!

Just so you know, I will be in Nairobi, Kenya this week visiting my mother, who is retired there, and ailing. I arrive back in LA on January 8. 

Happy New Year!! 

Peace and blessings,