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Connections and Community

Dear Friends,

Last Saturday was wonderful, as we gathered together here at Saint James with friends from across the diocese to learn more about Korean history, culture, and Christianity. One highlight was hearing The Venerable Dr. Jongmae Kenneth Park (right), Bishop of Korean Buddhist Taegu Order Overseas Parish here in Los Angeles. He spoke about the two Koreas, North and South, and prospects for reunification. 

Here is a fascinating fact: Bishop Park’s  grandfather, the Rev. Mark Kim (1866-1946) was the first Anglican Korean clergy person in Korea! Father John Kim likes to joke that his good friend Dr. Park is a ‘traitor’ for turning out to be a Buddhist rather than Episcopal priest! We are glad he is our good friend here at St. James.’ He joined us for my recent installation and taught us so much at last Sunday’s event. And, wonderfully, his grandfather appears in one of our stained glass windows, the Glorification window (a portion of the window is pictured above left), which is located directly next to the rear loft of the church on the west side, and the image of him, with his congregation, is at the bottom right corner. (Note: the center image is of the Rt. Rev. Paul Hwan Lee, first Korean Bishop of the Anglican Church in Korea. Also depicted in the center image are the Rose of Sharon (national flower of Korea) and the Korean national flag.)

I love all the ways we are connected in the community of St. James and Los Angeles.

Peace, Kate+