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Stained Glass: Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Today we look at the fifth in our series exploring the meaning of “The Lord’s Prayer Windows”, the lower lineup of stained glass windows along the eastern wall of the church nave.

Today, let’s start at the bottom of the window, where we see Christ in the wilderness battling against Satan’s temptations. In the next image above this, Christ is seen climbing towards the Kingdom the God, and away from the little blue Satan in the corner of the image (“Get thee behind me, Satan”– Matthew 16:23).

The very top of the window is Christ the King, pointing to the end of time when the kingdom of Jesus will be established in all its fullness to the ends of the earth. In the Episcopal church, Christ the King Sunday is the last Sunday in ordinary time, and it leads into Advent, when the Church anticipates Christ’s second coming.

For more information on all our windows, you may obtain a copy of A Guide to the Stained Glass Windows of Saint James’ Episcopal Church Los Angeles, available for a suggested donation of $20. Please contact the church office at 213-388-3417. The original guidebook began about 1980, and was written by the Rev. Mark Lieske. Since then, many of St. James’ members have contributed to bringing it to its current edition, namely: Wills Beigel (deceased), Emily Maverick, Mary Maverick, Doug Seifert, Heidi McLean, the Rev. Canon Aidan Koh, John Daum (deceased), Karen White, Mike Lyons, and Mary Nichols. Sandra Lee was instrumental in creating the new design and getting the book printed. We are extremely thankful to everyone for the many hours of time and money it took to make this book possible.