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Dear friends,

I have been very slow to warm to social media. Years ago, when others were enjoying pictures of their children and grandchildren on Facebook, I resisted. Social media just didn’t seem healthy or real enough, and I used to joke that I was waiting for Facebook to blow over. 

Well, far from blowing over, communicating electronically is here to stay. And so, today, I come to you as a convert. Our talented communications director Justin Baker regularly updates our website, Facebook page, Blog, Instagram and Twitter accounts with fresh stories and photographs, and I am so proud of our social media storytelling here at St. James.‘ 

Recently I opened my own Twitter account which we share with you on the church website. Justin taught me how to open the account and post on Twitter in just 10 minutes, the night before I left for Korea. My conversion should serve as a great encouragement to you fellow social media resistors. If I can do it, you can too! 

So, here’s my request. Start by visiting the church website at stjla.org. You can access all the other accounts—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter —from the website. 

Looking at the material is a great start, but I would appreciate more. Please consider getting on these platforms yourself, liking our posts and sharing them with your friends here at church, AND beyond the church walls. Write comments in the comment section too! Let’s use these platforms to communicate, encourage, and, yes, evangelize! People joke that Episcopalians are too shy to evangelize, but this is one form of reaching out that you can do from the privacy of your own home. 

Let’s say there is a post that you particularly like. You could forward it to a friend and add a note: “I love my church, and I bet you would too. Want to join me this Sunday? We could have breakfast afterwards!” Friends, that’s evangelism!

One more thing. Every week, we post an audio version, and sometimes video (on Facebook and Youtube), of my sermons on the website. These recordings also can be found on Apple Podcasts. So, if you miss a Sunday, you can still catch the sermon and even send it to your friends! 

Peace and blessings,