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Honoring the Prince of Wales Alumni Association

The Prince Of Wales School has established itself as one of the premier state schools in Sierra Leone for many decades since its inception in 1925. As a state-sponsored secondary level school, it has gone through many changes during the last twenty years due to the different reforms introduced by the Government of Sierra Leone. Membership in The Prince of Wales Alumni Association, California (POWAAC) is composed of alumni based in California. As a non-profit organization, member participation is voluntary. Members also pay an annual subscription, which, like all other funds raised, goes towards financing various school improvement projects undertaken by the association. 

The primary mission of POWAAC is to provide financial assistance to the school with the purpose of enhancing its quality of education, sustaining its infrastructure, and making education affordable to its students. Since its inauguration in 2006, POWAAC has pursued a number of initiatives independently and in collaboration with other Global Prince of Wales Alumni Associations in the US and the UK in order to realize its stated goals. Projects and initiatives that the Global Associations have accomplished include: Provision of laptop computers for student use; purchase of Math and English textbooks for students to use free of charge; cash prizes to students recognized for outstanding academic accomplishment; installation of a solar-powered computer laboratory (including laptops powered by solar panels) as an additional learning resource; purchase of durable desks, chairs, and steel doors and windows for classrooms; support of refurbishment of some infrastructure of the school; contribution toward a teachers’ revolving fund that allows teachers of the school to be paid their monthly salaries whenever the government delays in doing so; and a “Christmas Bonus” fund for deserving teachers, staff, and school administrators. The primary sources of funding for these ventures are members’ annual dues and proceeds from fund raising events such as the association’s annual Thanksgiving Service and Banquet. 100% of proceeds go toward funding projects initiated by the association. We thank our patrons and sponsors for their continued support.

The POWAAC is hosting coffee hour after the 10:30 service and then all are welcome to St. James’ School Hall for a festive lunch.