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Way of Love

Dear friends,

Life here at St. James’ is filled with blessings: beautiful music and worship, fantastic diversity, important outreach through our food ministries, and the delight of life alongside the hustle and bustle of St. James’ School. Stewardship is how we express gratitude for the gifts in our lives. Your vestry and I have been working to help expand the ways we can support life here at St. James’ in the City. 

To learn more, this past Saturday five of us attended a conference on stewardship called the Way of Love. We learned about resources out there to help us with our stewardship efforts that are clear, easy to use and effective. And we learned that stewardship is something that we want to happen all year long. We will share more of what we learned in the weeks and months to come. For now, know that we are on the case! 

In the meantime, talk to one of your vestry members who attended the conference and ask them to tell you more. 

In gratitude for God’s blessings, Kate+