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The Music of What Happens

Hi Everyone,
As a traveler, I’ve always liked to take things easy. On a trip to Paris in my twenties, my best friend and I clashed terribly. She wanted to fill our days with castles and museums, a rigid checklist of must-sees, and I wanted to sit dreamily in cafes, sipping espresso and watching the world go by. Eventually we agreed to go our separate ways each morning and meet for dinner each night to tell each other about our day. Friendship saved. You’ll be glad to know I’ve matured and now I love castles and museums. But most of all, on this choir tour to Ireland, I am looking forward to hearing you, the St. James’ Choir, in the beautiful places we will visit. What more could I want?? 
And here’s a reminder inspired by a passage from an old Irish story. On our travels, let’s not expect anything too specific. Instead, why not just watch things unfold and listen for the “music of what happens.” Because it will. 
I cannot wait to reach Ireland in a few days. And for those of you back in LA, I will be sending prayers and Celtic blessings!☘️
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