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Being Good


Last Sunday I preached a sermon about uninvited visitors. Jesus teaches and urges us not to walk by and ignore suffering. (If you missed it, you can listen here). Also I shared this powerful prayer, offered  by the Rev. Lee Walker:

“As our nation struggles with how to respond to those from other nations who seek safety, freedom, and a home among us, guide us with Your Holy Spirit that we not give ourselves over to our own fears and prejudices. Enter the hearts of the persecuted and their persecutors that fear may be replaced by the Peace that passes all understanding. Teach us to see in every Human Being the brothers and sisters whom Christ our God has given us to complete us. Empower us to respond to the helpless and vulnerable not in ways that serve our own needs, but in the ways which Jesus of Nazareth taught us to respond by His Life and example.”

Peace and blessings, Kate+