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First Days in Dublin

Our first tour update is from choir member, Gerry Craft.

Approximately 35 singers, several guests and parishioners, and of course our Associate Organist, our Choirmaster, and our Rector were thrilled to arrive in Dublin, Ireland, on Friday, July 19th! Not many of us had visited Ireland before and everybody was looking forward to the experience.
Our Dublin hotel is situated directly across the street from Christ Church Cathedral, a large Gothic/Romanesque building begun around 1030. It is part of the Church of Ireland (which is what the Anglican Church is known as in Ireland). On Saturday evening we had a very smooth rehearsal in the Cathedral’s Chapter House as well as the church itself, in preparation for Sunday morning’s Eucharist service.
You can watch a sneak peak of the morning rehearsal here.
Our music was the Missa Brevis of Jonathan Dove as well as an anthem, Jesus Christ, the Apple Tree by Anthony Piccolo. The Mass contains a very complex organ part, played adeptly by St. James’ associate organist, Dr. Tom Mueller. One funny moment was when Choirmaster Jim Buonemani and Tom figured out where Jim should stand so the camera in the organ loft would pick him up, and we were good!
The Choir was joined by three local singers that our own Dermot Kiernan had recommended to help fill in the ranks and the sound was superb.
Sunday’s service went very well. We were invited after the service down to the Crypt for tea and biscuits (and to browse the adjacent Cathedral Shop!). Our next stop is a concert in Tullamore outside Dublin. More to come!