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Saint James and a Harp

A few parishioners of the St. James’ family met up with the choir during the tour. These are some thoughts submitted by Sara Jane Thies.

On this day of our patron, Saint James, we are blessed to have been in my motherland Ireland for almost a week. Starting in Dublin, to research more of the family lineage, we enjoyed the EPIC museum before greeting our choir and guests at Saint James’ Bridge gate. Here began my intrigue with the harp.

First viewed at the Guinness Brewery, I learned of the famous Downhill Harp, that dating back to 1702, was purchased by Guinness in 1963 to ensure its continued preservation and is on display in the advertising gallery in Guinness Storehouse. Next encouraged by the sermon of Canon Brew at Christ Church Cathedral, I heard him speak of Jesus as the icon of the image of God and that we are called to be windows into Christ.  My eyes wandered to the stained glass window near where John, Bob Williams, and I were sitting. Voilà ….King David carrying a harp in procession.

Finally on to Trinity College to view The Book of Kells and the library referred to as The Long Room to view the Brian Boru Harp which dates to the 14-15th century.

A harp has appeared on Irish coins since King Henry VIII’s time, and the Brian Boru harp is now the national symbol of Ireland.

Upon our exit from Dublin to the train that would take us to Galway we walked past another St James’ in-the-City. 

Ireland and our beloved St James’ in-the-City stirs up music in my soul. Could the music of a harp also enlist your heart on this earthly road as does our lovely choir?

SaraJane Thies