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Christmas Pageant

Our church school students, led by amazing teacher Brynna Casanova Galloway, are hard at work on this year’s Christmas pageant. It seems we have budding playwrights in our midst, because the students have taken two scripts and combined them into something new and even better! Also they have carefully chosen hymns that fit the story. I am proud of their creativity and hard work!

If your children are interested in the pageant, we would still very much like to include them. We have tons of extra angel halos and wings, and we can always use extra shepherds too. Also, I love to see children dressed as animals in a Christmas pageant, so if your child happens to have an animal costume they would like to wear, please encourage them to join in! All they need to do is show up for our final rehearsal the day of the pageant, which is Tuesday, December 24 at 2:30pm …This gives us time to rehearse for our 4pm pageant.

Meanwhile, all children with speaking parts – please come to class this week and next to rehearse.

My goal is that every child who wishes to participate can join in! Even babies dressed up can join in, as long as parents carry them!

Peace and blessings of the season,