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In Your 20s/30s? Come Join Us // YAPGES

The Young Adult Prayer Group and Eating Society (or, usually, just YAPGES) is the regular gathering of twenty- and thirty-somethings for food, fellowship, discussion, and prayer. We meet about monthly for a pot-luck dinner and are open to all to bring as they are able.  Our January YAPGES dinner was great! We had two kinds of chili, two kinds of corn bread, Tony’s delicious japchae, and a sea of desserts including an amazing St. James cake (a Roman Catholic tradition) made by Jon’s husband Alex. It was really fun, and nice to have Mother Kate’s son Derek there as well.

The first YAPGES meeting was a simple Lenten dinner of soup with 4 attendees.  The structure of the group has changed in a few different directions since that first meeting, more through a slow evolution than any intentional transformation.  Among other things, it’s been a bible study, a chance to explore tricky matters of doctrine, and a chance to foster fellowship by getting to know our fellow parishioners better, but always a forum to gain a deeper understanding of our faith and how it relates to young adult life in the 21st century.

We’ve been blessed with growth over the past year – we have about two dozen on our email list and have averaged 15 attendees over our last two meetings – so we usually break in to small groups and spend the evening eating a delicious and culturally varied meal.  At the end of the evening, we all gather together to wrap things up by sharing in prayer before heading back out into the world.

Our next YAPGES meeting will be February 23rd at Mother Kate’s home.  We hope to see you there!