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The Rev. John Kim and The Rev. Jon Feuss Named in New Roles

The Rev. John Kim (left) is named Senior Associate for Korean Ministries and The Rev. Jon Feuss (right) is named Associate Rector of St. James in-the-City, Los Angeles.

Dear Friends,
In a time in our culture when the news isn’t always good, I am writing to announce some great news in the form of two clergy promotions. Effective immediately, Fr. John Kim is now our Senior Associate for Korean Ministries, and Fr. Jon Feuss is our Associate Rector.
Fr. Kim truly is a pillar of ministry at St. James’ in-the-City, and beloved by one and all. I am happy his new title reflects his experience, seniority and vital role in the life of our church. Just in the past few months alone, he has been honored with a major award from the Prime Minister of Korea, and a special grant from the Diocese of Los Angeles! Every day I thank God for the honor of serving with Fr. John Kim.
Fr. Jon Feuss is a wonder. Talented in administration, liturgy, preaching, outreach, and pretty much everything else, he never ceases to amaze me. He is tirelessly hard working and brings wisdom and great judgement to every situation. What a godsend (and my worst nightmare is that some other church will steal him from us)! His new title reflects how much his service here at St. James’ is valued.
Sadly, our finances do not – for now – allow us to show our appreciation monetarily. However, I hope you will join me in congratulating these two extraordinary men of God, because their ministry blesses us abundantly. 
God is good!
If you would like to congratulate my two wonderful clergy colleagues, you can email Fr. Kim at jkim@stjla.org and Fr. Jon at jfeuss@stjla.org , or you can write to them at St. James’ in-the-City, 3903 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles 90010.
Peace and blessings,