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Each of Us Has a Role

Digital Ministry at St. James

Justin E. Baker, Digital Ministry Director


Last Sunday was a special one for everybody. It was the first time in over a year that many were able to gather safely indoors at St. James in-the-City. 

It was exciting. We are earthly, physical beings, after all, and experiencing liturgy with our senses can be thrilling. We’ve also learned that, in a time of crisis, we are able to come together in profound ways. We kept conversation going, continuing to express the emotional moments of our human journey through a dark time. We stayed connected. Each of us found abilities we didn’t even know we had! Through streaming, chatting, texting, video recording, uploading, downloading, creating, singing, playing, we grew as communicators. Each of us played a role to make this work

Through devices and technology our community has grown. We’ve heard story after story about people who seldom attend a service (or never have), who now feel included, ministered to, safe, and even welcomed. This is happening not just at St. James but in faith communities across the globe.

A lot went into opening the digital window wide at St. James. It took much thought, planning, and true-to-heart labor to build a new way to encounter live moments at the highest level possible for viewers near and far. (Click below to watch how this was put together.)

Everyone is a digital communicator now. You are on the St. James Digital Ministry Team. I invite you to consider new ways to challenge yourself learning new things like: leading a coffee hour on Zoom, becoming a digital usher, coordinating elements for The Update, providing tech support, video and written story creation, streaming productionand more we haven’t discovered yet! We will have regular gatherings to brainstorm together soon.

Click below to show your interest and boldly step forward to engage in this new road ahead.

Enroll for Digital Ministry at St. James 

Watch Behind-the-Scenes of putting together our new streaming platform

With Sincere Gratitude,

Justin Baker
Digital Ministry Director