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St. James’ is Everywhere

I had an amazing experience recently in the Cedars-Sinai Emergency Room. I had a sprained ankle which turned out to be fractured and I was put into a hard cast to be used with crutches. My balance is not what it used to be, but I can still do pretty well, or so I thought. That said, I tripped the other day and fell, hitting my head on the edge of my barbecue. Ouch—it hurt but while I was not seeing stars or disoriented, thank goodness, it was really bleeding.
It seemed prudent to go to Cedars Emergency Room to be checked out. My neighbor Terry took me and when I got there  the Triage Nurse who took my vitals told me I looked familiar—and asked me if I worked there. I said no, but that I am an Episcopal Priest and have visited patients in the ER. She then said, “Do you go to  St. James’?”  I said “Yes”. I introduced myself to Olga Swift Fuller and she said, “That’s where I have seen you! Front on the right? ”  I said again “Yes!”  We laughed and she was fantastic. We took our masks off and I of course recognized her.  I felt God’s presence in her and a real sense of joy, despite the circumstances. She checked on me again and I was so grateful.
Then I got into the ER  for my CT scan and the intern assigned to me said, “What do you do?”  I told him I was a retired Episcopal priest and he asked “Where?”  I said I am part of St. James’ in the mid Wilshire area. He said, “I know that place—my girlfriend and I love the  Sunday concerts!”  He found it on his phone after I told  him that it is a Gothic church and has beautiful stained glass windows. He confirmed that that was where he went and asked if it was “that old”?  I told him it was not that old—not 15th century, but 1920’s or so. We both chuckled, and he continued to put two staples in my head wound.  I again felt God’s presence and a real sense of peace and joy. St. James’ is indeed everywhere and I am so grateful.
I am doing fine and had no damage, thanks be to  God and the wonderful care of these two new St. James’ friends. It was indeed amazing!