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Taking Steps Now for Our Future

Submitted by Ed Garren The state of California is outlawing the installation of Natural Gas appliances in ALL new construction in 2025.  Why not get ahead of that curve and start steps now?   Also, did you know that gas appliances in homes, particularly our beloved gas ranges, contribute significantly to indoor air pollution?  The…

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Parking at St. James

ACROSS THE STREET ON WILSHIRE BLVD.   The parking lot on Wilshire Blvd, diagonally across from St James Church, seems to be working out very well for many of you. Until further notice, there is a change of procedure. Instead of entering on Wilshire, please enter on Ingraham St, the gate from which you currently exit. From…

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Join Us For Annual Meeting

Dear St James,   Please mark your calendars for our Annual Meeting, scheduled for immediately after the 10:45 service on Sunday, January 30th.    The following six individuals are running for vestry, and you will be asked to vote for five.   Jeff Bryan * Ed Garren + Sandra Lee * Vanessa Mesia Ulrich *…

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January 2022 Adjustments

  Update on Service Changes Dear Friends, Happy New Year! We hope you are enjoying a safe and festive holiday. Please know that we are thinking about you. After careful consideration we have made the following adjustments and plans for the month of January: As of now, due to the continued rising surge of the…

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St. James’ is Everywhere

I had an amazing experience recently in the Cedars-Sinai Emergency Room. I had a sprained ankle which turned out to be fractured and I was put into a hard cast to be used with crutches. My balance is not what it used to be, but I can still do pretty well, or so I thought.…

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A Visit from Bishop John Harvey Taylor

#feedinghungryhearts As the neighborhood around 110-year-old St. James’ in the City in the Wilshire District of Los Angeles has changed, so its manifestation of the face of God, with members representing many nations and cultures. A Korean church within a church has thrived since the nineties, having gotten its start in the seventies at St.…

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Nurturing Online Dimensions with Morning Prayer

Steve Yeazell Mother Kate asked me to write a brief notice about the recently launched on-line Morning Prayer group.  Its inspiration was my realization of how much I missed the St. James community, and it occurred to me that one way of creating a little of that feeling was through a weekly on-line Morning Prayer…

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Each of Us Has a Role

Digital Ministry at St. James Justin E. Baker, Digital Ministry Director   Last Sunday was a special one for everybody. It was the first time in over a year that many were able to gather safely indoors at St. James in-the-City.  It was exciting. We are earthly, physical beings, after all, and experiencing liturgy with…

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Sample Service // 7PM

This evening’s readers are members of the Education for Ministry program at St. James’. The Solemn Liturgy of the Passion and Death of our Lord Jesus Christ is a continuation of the Maundy Thursday Liturgy and begins in silence, just as the night before ended in silence. Following tradition, there is no celebration of the…

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